John Brower, M.S.
  • Licensed Professional Therapist - Temp
  • Adolescent through Adult
  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Family Recovery
  • Teenage Adjustment issues
  • Compulsive Disorders - drugs,alcohol,
    sex, gambling, pornography, etc.
  • Abuse/Trauma
  • Paraphilia
  • Same-sex attraction
  • Gender Identity issues
  • General Anxiety and Depression
A Tennessee native hailing from Knoxville, John Brower,
MS, LPC has been involved in the field of addiction
recovery in various ways since 1999. Following an
extended stay at a drug treatment facility in Brandon, MS,
John found his sobriety in the city of Jackson, MS,
through AA, the church, and friends all along the way.
After a brief stint as a manager in a local specialty
running store, John felt called to pursue his true desire: to
help those suffering the trials and tribulations of
compulsive disorders.

Seeking to combine the anecdotal wisdom of a proven, 12-
step recovery program with relevant clinical research,
John pursued his Master’s degree at Mississippi College,
and quickly became involved in offering his services in the
world of drug and alcohol addiction. John has worked in
the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) setting as a
clinical coordinator, as well as, the PHP (Partial
Hospitalization Program) setting, conducting group
therapy, and meeting with individual clients.

“My desire is to help those who have found themselves at
the mercy of addictions, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or
any other compulsivity. I want to help them be free of the
restrictive bonds that are holding them back, and
encourage them towards being all that God has created
them to be. It is always a special thing to be a part of, to
share in, their journey of discovering freedom from what
can feel like an impossible prison.”
After 18 years in Mississippi, John has moved back home
to Knoxville, along with his wife, and young daughter.
John specializes in helping those who are struggling with
compulsive behaviors of all kinds, whether it be drugs,
alcohol, sex, gambling, or the like. He also sees the family
component as a big piece of the overall sobriety of the
client, and as such offers counseling and consultation to
family members. With addictions typically being
manifestations of other significant core issues, John also
offers therapy for victims of trauma, sexual compulsivity,
same-sex attraction, paraphilia, guilt and shame, as well
as dealing with mental health issues of general anxiety
and depression.

In addition to his clinical work, John is also an Ultra-
Runner who actually enjoys running 100 Mile races!
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