Jackie was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY where
she lived and worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse until
her marriage to Charlie in 1984. At that time, she and her
husband relocated to Knoxville where they have lived and
raised their family for the majority of their marriage.  
During the childrearing years, Jackie volunteered her time
at her church, supported new mothers through La Leche
League, and offered assistance through the American
Red Cross to displaced victims of hurricane Katrina.  In
2007, as her children were getting older, Jackie returned
to school to earn a BS (Counseling and Biblical Studies)
in 2011 at Johnson University followed by an MA in
Marriage and Family Therapy/Professional Counseling in

Jackie is pleased to have the opportunity to serve the
community with Ebenezer Counseling Services.

Jackie’s clinical interests include grief and loss, anxiety,
trauma, identity issues, life transitions, and spiritual

Jackie believes that we were not meant to walk this earth
alone with our burdens.  She endeavors to provide a
place where those who are struggling under a heavy load
can find peace, rest, and growth as she
journeys with them toward wholeness.
Jackie Johnson, M.A.
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