I am so happy that you are here checking out Ebenezer
Counseling. Some people think that going to therapy
means that they are weak or can’t get themselves
together. The truth is, strong people can admit when they
need help, and none of us have it all together. Therapy is
a safe place to come and learn about yourself and how
experiences and circumstances have shaped you.
Therapy can be beneficial for concerns ranging from
feeling overwhelmed to suffering from a severe mental
illness. My goal as a therapist is to identify what your
goals and desires are emotionally and behaviorally and
help you meet them.

I enjoy working with pre-teens and teenagers, college
students,and young adults. I appreciate that therapy is a
journey, and I am honored when people choose to let me
walk with them through their questions and struggles.
Sometimes we believe lies about ourselves that damage
our relationships; discovering the Truth helps us find the
freedom to be ourselves and to love ourselves and others.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). I attended
UT Knoxville to receive both my Bachelors and Masters in
Social Work. I have experience working with the Knox
County School system, Knoxville’s homeless population,
and at-risk transition age youth and their families. I have
had special training in helping people heal from traumatic
experiences (i.e. abuse, natural disasters, loss of loved
ones, combat situations). I have also had training to assist
youth as they transition to adulthood (i.e. high school to
college/career or moving out on their own).

I grew up in Knoxville and love this community. My
husband Aaron and I have been married since 2005 and
have two young sons. We enjoy being with our family
and friends, going to the park, eating out, seeing movies,
cooking at home, playing with our children, and
reading a good book.
Anneke Moody, LMSW