Richard has been working in the mental health field
since 1984 in both counseling and administrative
roles.  He and his family moved to Knoxville in 1994.  
Richard and his wife, Elaine, have been married
since 1988 and have two children in college and
high school.  

The Lord has uniquely prepared Richard through his
years of counseling and the life experiences of
marriage, raising children, and walking through the
aging and dying process of his parents and in laws.
He has worked with a wide spectrum of clients
including children, adolescents, families and adults.  

Richard has particular interest in working with men
with life/career issues and desires to see married
men become the husbands and fathers God
intended them to be. In addition, he is passionate
about helping to bring about unity and peace within
marriages and families.  

A strong belief of Richard’s is that the truth of God’s
word is necessary for battling the misbeliefs that we
often cling to. He recognizes that total reliance
(depen-dence) upon the Lord is necessary in facing
life’s struggles.

Richard attained a Bachelor’s degree from Evangel
College with a double major in Biblical Studies and
Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling
from the University of Tennessee. He also has
coursework through Gordon-Conwell Theological
Seminary and Liberty University.
Richard Petsch, M.S.