The Power of Intimacy in
When you hear the word intimacy, what do you think of?  Go ahead and let your thoughts go and form a
like to suggest a few questions that might help:  
•        What things do you picture yourself doing or talking about?    
•        What emotions are you feeling?
•        What is the person you are sharing intimacy with like?  What are his or her traits?
If possible, write down what you are seeing and experiencing.  Those things will be invaluable on our tour
of taking a deeper look at intimacy in relationships.

A Picture of the Divine
What would you say if I told you that you just had a divine vision?  If you created a mental picture of what
intimacy is like, then you did have a vision of something truly divine.  Intimacy is something that God
created.  From eternity past, God has existed in a Trinity enjoying intimate fellowship between the Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit.  The members of the Trinity experience perfect openness, u