Recommended Books and Resources
by Mary Beth and Dale Berry
found to be helpful to those seeking to grow, heal, or work through difficult situations.  If
the author’s point of view is not helpful to you, look for another.  The Holy Spirit may speak
a truth to me through one source and to you through another.  And, whenever there
seems to be a question or doubt, we hold the Bible to be the ultimate authority.  So,
Recommended Book #1 is the Bible.

The Bible - Find the translation or version that is most helpful to you.  Books about the
Bible may be helpful, but remember to read the Bible itself!  Let God reveal Himself to you
through the words inspired by the Holy Spirit.  If you are new to the Bible, we suggest you
start with the book of Mark which is found about two-thirds of the way in.  This book is a
succinct overview of Jesus' life and ministry.

Other books that may be helpful to you include but are not limited to the following:

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