Restoring Integrity is a recovery group for men overcoming sexual
addiction.  The mission of Restoring Integrity at Ebenezer Counseling
Services (ECS) is to promote spiritual transformation in men who are
recovering from sexual addiction in a confidential environment through
relational support, accountability, and education.  Groups meet weekly,
and most group members are recovering from addiction to
pornography, the aftermath of extra-marital affairs, or face other
painful sexual struggles.  Meetings are closed, and members pay a fee
to participate.  In return they receive confidential attention in a
professional environment where they learn more about themselves and
build relationships with others who can relate to their issues.  Restoring
Integrity groups are led by experienced group members or trained
therapists, and these group facilitators are supervised by
Adam York.



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Restoring Integrity
Brothers, if someone is caught in a
sin… restore him gently (Gal. 6:1)
Restoring Integrity has grown out of Faithful and True of Knoxville, and we have changed
our name simply to avoid confusion for those familiar with Dr. Mark Laaser’s national-level
group program by the same name.   

Who participates in the meetings?
Restoring Integrity addresses the spiritual aspects of change and addiction recovery from
the perspective of historical, biblical Christianity.  However, membership is open to all men
who seek genuine change in their behaviors and lifestyle, regardless of their religious
affiliation. Because Restoring Integrity places an emphasis on building transforming
relationships, regular attendance and participation in meetings are critical.  Also, because
vulnerable confession with each other is necessary to break the chains of guilt and shame,
members must be honest and open about past and present issues regarding sexual
struggles and temptations.

Who should consider joining?  
Those who are:
  • seeking inner transformation and a change in their addictive behavior and struggles
    with temptation
  • currently working with a therapist or pastor and need group support and feedback
  • desiring intimate fellowship and camaraderie that provides support through tough
  • developing healthy intimacy with others

Members receive:
  • accountability and encouragement toward purity and strength in their thought life and
    behavioral habits
  • honest feedback from others in a non-judgmental and accepting spirit
  • support from others dealing with issues often avoided in Christian circles
  • resources on sexual addiction issues
  • renewed hope, peace, and intimacy again!