Anger in the Life
of the Christian
 Anger in the Life of the Christian by Daniel C. Sartor, Ph.D.

Anger is a common human emotion associated with intense displeasure.  For most of us, anger is
accompanied by strong bodily sensations, such as going flush, feeling hot, and muscles tension.  It has
both psychological and physiological aspects, affecting the whole person, mind and body.  For this
reason, some people are greatly intimated by their own anger, fearful of losing control of their feelings or
behaviors.  Some are greatly intimidated by the anger of others, avoiding it at almost all costs.  Others
enjoy the power they feel when they are angry or when they display their anger and rage.  Undoubtedly,
we all have been deeply wounded by another’s wrath, or we have regretted the pain we’ve caused by
words or actions expressed in our own anger.  For these reasons, anger is often associated with broken
relationships and sin.
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