Be Still

I am a self-proclaimed master at multi-tasking.  Seriously, in the evenings, you can find me
cooking dinner for my family of five, while helping my son with his homework, while potty
training both our new puppy and our two-year-old, while researching the cheapest price on
toys for Christmas, while breaking up a fight between my two youngest kids, while returning
a phone call, while clipping coupons, while… I could go on.

Now before this has the chance to strike you as commendable, let me be the first to say
that I believe it is not worthy of applause.  Nor does it bring a refreshing sigh of relief at the
end of the day or a feeling that I have gotten it all done – or at least done right.  No,
instead I often feel emptied out, the frazzled shell of the person I want to be.  Time passes
and my to-do list doesn’t get shorter.  Actually, it gets longer the more time I have to add to
it.  Oh, and have I mentioned that the holidays are only now just beginning?  Life moves
past at warp-speed.  If I even take a second to glance out