Eileen S. Bowman, L.M.S.W.
  • Licensed Master of Social
  • Sexual Abuse Survivors
  • Post-Abortive Issues
  • Relationship & Family Issues
  • Sex Therapy
 Eileen S. Bowman, LMSW has been with Ebenezer Counseling
since early 2000.  She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Social
Work from the University of TN, and a Bachelors of Psychology from
Lee University. She works with individuals, couples and families
dealing with a variety of issues. One of her specialties is working
with couples in crisis, often after infidelity or the discovery of sexual
betrayal.  In her practice, she has been honored to work with
numerous couples and witness restoration and healing after these
devastating circumstances, through Gods’ Amazing grace!

Eileen has a heart and a passion for seeing marriages survive and
thrive; however, she also realizes that some marriages do end in
divorce for various reasons, such as, when one partner refuses to
be faithful, honest, to forgive, or to do what it takes to heal and
restore trust.  Eileen also counsels individuals who are going
through a divorce, or recovering from the devastation of divorce. Her
empathetic, nonjudgmental approach helps clients to feel safe,
heard, and understood.  She incorporates her faith into her practice
and seeks to help individuals grow both spiritually as well as
relationally. She sometimes references scripture and often prays
with her clients.  

She has a gentle, loving approach, but is also very willing to
challenge individuals and couples to achieve their desired goals.
Her desire is to share the wisdom that she has learned both
professionally, as well as, personally as she has faced trials in her
own life.  Her experiences have deepened her ability to empathize,
understand and to have compassion for many of the issues her
clients are facing.  She has a strong faith in God as the ultimate
Counselor.  She encourages others to seek a deeper relationship
with Him.  She has seen first hand the scripture that states that
suffering truly does bring about perseverance, character, and
eventually Hope. She is honored to walk along side those
individuals going through their storms, trials and valleys, while
directing them to the One who is the calmer of the storm, and the
healer of the broken.  

Eileen is a Knoxville native and has three amazing children:
Madison, Chandler and Emory.  With two children in college and
one soon to follow, she has gained some insight on parenting and
enjoys working with parents, and imparting wisdom with regards to
helping them with effective communication and setting healthy
boundaries.  Parenting is not for the faint of heart and can be
extremely challenging at times.  She empowers and educates
clients on parenting issues in today’s culture.

She also enjoys working with individuals going through transitions
such as the empty nest, retirement, divorce, dealing with the death
of a spouse, child, parent or loved one.  Post abortive issues, sexual
abuse, infertility issues, dealing with an illness, guilt- shame, and
core identity issues, Grief and loss, as well as anxiety and
depression are among the many issues that she is skilled at
helping others work through.  She has some extensive training in
the area of sex therapy as well, helping married couples to find
healthy thriving sexual intimacy.  

Eileen would be honored to work with you as an individual, or as a
couple to work through the issues that you are facing.  If you have
any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please
call Ebenezer Counseling at (865) 670-0988, and we would be
happy to set up an appointment.  She has appointments Monday
through Friday and has some evening appointments available as