Choosing a therapist is a complex process.  Besides the obvious issues of fee, insurance,
gender, and age, you will want to find a therapist with whom you can connect well.  This
connection is hard to measure.  Some therapists are logical and organized and work with
well-defined plans; others are more interested in the intangibles.  Some therapists talk
more, some less.  Some direct and attempt to influence; others attempt to get you to find
direction.  Some will use spiritual disciplines such as prayer and scripture regularly; others
will more quietly work from their Christian world-view.  The office staff at ECS can help you
attempt to find the best fit for you if you know what you want.  Ultimately, you will have a
sense of goodness of fit after spending time with your therapist.  If you find that the fit is not
good enough, do not hesitate to ask for a change either directly with your therapist or with
the office staff.  This does happen periodically.  We are accustomed to it and will not be
offended.  Ultimately, It is very important for you to feel free to trust your soul/self with your
therapist.  If you feel you cannot, then you are better off changing earlier rather than later.  

Also, remember that a therapist may challenge you to consider your own responsibility or
sin in your situation.  This may not be comfortable, but it does not necessarily mean you
have a bad fit.  Try to evaluate whether your therapist is genuinely and honestly trying to
help you grow.  If so, confrontation may be the best thing for you rather than having a
therapist who always agrees with all you do or say.  

In the end, therapy is about growth and developing a pure heart.  Growth may mean getting
stronger to assert oneself; getting strong enough to face painful memories; forgiving others
with whom you have developed bitterness; being broken about one’s own pride or
sinfulness; learning how to risk intimate relationship with others, etc.  The mission of your
therapist is to assist you, encourage you, and to call you to grow into being the person God
has created you to be: free, joyful, living abundantly with an increasingly pure heart.  It is
our hope that you find help and hope for this growth with your ECS therapist.
Choosing a Therapist