Freedom by

I have a wonderful memory of my older brother who helped me profoundly many years ago when I was a
teen.  I was feeling powerfully angry holding a grudge with one of my teachers in high school.  My brother,
seeing the scowl on my face, uttered a statement I have never forgotten.  “You’ll never be free of him if you
don’t forgive him.”   I have been applying that pearl of wisdom ever since.  Most of the time I live in
freedom.  I would hate to think of all the life energy I would have wasted if I had held on to my anger
against that man.  Life is short.  I do not want to waste life with bitterness.
Try taking an internal inventory right now of what hurt or anger you may be holding against others in your
life.  How far back does it go?  Do you think of yourself as one who holds grudges or are you good at
letting go?  Becoming a person who can let go of wounds is important for your health and effectiveness
as a person.  
My brother’s statement is amazing really.  By