What keeps you up at night? Overwhelmed? Problems with
relationships? Lonely? No matter what you are struggling
with, no matter what worries you, you do not have to go
through this alone. Many therapists focus solely on
identifying people's weaknesses. I will help you build up
your weak spots, but I will also help you identify & develop
your strengths so that rather than "just getting by," you
can really learn how to thrive personally and professionally.

My husband, David, is a therapist with Ebenezer as well,
and we offer the unique opportunity for couples seeking
pre-engagment, pre-marital, or marriage counseling to be
able to work with a husband and wife team.

I seek to treat the whole person: mentally, emotionally,
spiritually, and physically; focusing on how a problem in
one area of life can impact all of the others. I earned a
Bachelor's degree in Counseling from Atlanta Christian
College, and a Master's degree in Professional Counseling
with a specialization in Christian Spirituality from
Psychological Studies Institute. I have experience in
outpatient counseling settings, as a live-in house manager
at an addictions recovery program, as well as at an
inpatient psychiatric hospital.
Brandy Hall, LPC, MHSP
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Adolescents & Young Adults
  • Good Decision Making
  • Depression, Anxiety, & Stress
  • Adjusting to Changes
  • Problems in Work, School, &
  • Pre-Engagement, Pre-Marital, &
    Marital Enrichment