Life Transitions
Life transitions or changes in our lives are not inherently good or bad, but many people still dread them.
Even though transitions in themselves are not good or bad, they are often a time of growth. And, if there is
one thing about life that is certain, it is that there will be changes in our lives. Our attitude toward these
transitions can help or hinder us as we work through these. Drawing close to family, friends and having a
inevitable that so do our seasons in life. And, as the Fall season approaches, I’m reminded of a song by
my brother-in-law, *Chuck Nabors, from “First Love Again”, which reads:

“When you see the leaves fall from the trees
Does it make your heart turn blue
Another year has come and gone away
Then you find a faded photograph
Of a time when once you smiled
And you wipe a tearful memory from your eyes
That’s the time to get away
That’s the time to find your Best Friend
That’s the time to find your Love
Your first Love again. . . .”

In addition to attitude and drawing close to others, transitions are also a good time to do an emotional
inventory by getting away and just taking some time out for yourself. Whether we acknowledge it or not,
changing jobs, moving, serious illness of a family member or friend, marriage, divorce, birth of a child or
grandchild, death of a loved one, etc. are all stressors in our lives. Staying connected to others and
utilizing some TLC for ourselves will be essential in getting us through the changes.

My husband and I recently moved from Florida and have our house in Florida on the market to sell, while
at the same time building a house in Knoxville. So we have had all types of transitions, from leaving old
friends to making new ones, starting new jobs, packing boxes, to finding new doctors, new dry cleaners,
new grocery stores, sorting through construction loans, working with Realtors, etc. At the same time, we
have started doing some retirement planning and looking at that transition to come, since we are at 49 ½
and holding. With all of these stressors in our lives, both of us have felt a need to get away and take
some down time for ourselves. The fall is a great time to do this. It is a beautiful time of the year with it’s
vibrant colors and nature’s big splash of color before going underground for the winter season.

As the leaves transition for the fall and birds start to migrate, listen to yourself and your internal “balance”
indicator to see if you need some time to get away. . .

*see Chuck Nabors at, album title: Armed with a Smile, copyright 2005, copied with