Life has many challenges.  Facing them
often leads to anxiety, depression, anger,
troubled  relationships, and spiritual
confusion.  Determining the root of these
conditions, whether internally or externally
caused, can be difficult.  

Counseling can be an effective way of
gaining a new perspective, providing
emotional support, or learning about your
situation with a professional who has worked
with others in similar circumstances.  

At Ebenezer Counseling Services, we are
committed to offering high standards of
professional care from a Christian
perspective.  We believe in compassion for
the hurting, grace for the repentant, and
appropriate confrontation when needed.  

Our services are tailored to the unique
needs of each individual.  We want to serve
you by walking with you through your issues,
pain, confusion, or crisis.  We celebrate
growth and healing.
All of us at ECS have experienced God’s call to work in this helping profession.  All of us are
human beings with our own life stressors and context.  Each of us has experienced the pains
and sufferings of losses and sin in our lives as well as the joy of God’s redemption and
grace.  Each of us is attempting to serve God with our lives and to continue the process of
growth and to help others in that process.  Please feel free to visit each therapist’s page on
this web site to read our personal histories and statements of calling.
ECS Mission