How's Your Sleep?
                                       by Gretchen Fromke, M.S.

A poor night’s sleep, we’ve all experienced it at different times in our lives. It’s no fun. If you’ve spent a
good part of a night tossing and turning, it inevitably impacts you the next day. We’re grumpy, short-
tempered, and have a lower tolerance for anything that might irritate us.  We compensate by downing
large doses of Starbucks and count the hours until we can sleep again.  
One bad night of sleep is bothersome, but for some 40 million Americans, most over the age of 40, a
chronic sleep disorder is a way of life. It is estimated that one-third of adults experience sleep problems.
Yet interestingly, American culture seems to minimize the need for sleep. In fact, we often glorify
individuals who seem to function on less sleep. They are held up as models of productivity.